About Petrichor Flora


Petrichor Flora is a full service floral and gift boutique with a genuine commitment to beautifying your life with high-quality flowers, unusual gifts, plants and services with a focus on unique design and customer care. 

Services include:
    • The Petrichor Flora ShopOffering fresh flowers, plants and unique gifts for all occasions. (Opening July 2019)
    • EventsFloral packages for weddings, events, special occasions & intimate events. (Available Now)
    • Delivery of flowers and plants for all occasions. (Available Now)
    • Plants: Ready to place, all sizes and varieties. (Call 716.302.4232 to place a plant order.)
    • Gift Boxes: Including products from all your favorite Buffalo shops and either a unique plant or floral arrangement to complete the experience. (Available Summer 2019)
    • The Petrichor Gift Concierge: Let us handle all of your gift giving for the year! Sit down with us and schedule out all of the gifts you need to give for the year and we will take care of it all. Whether they are Petrichor gifts or beyond, we've got you covered! (Available Summer 2019)
    • On-site Design: Bring floral design directly into your home or business with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly floral services. (Call 716.302.4232 to speak with Denis about on-site design.)


The moment rain hits dry soil, plants and earth release oils that mingle together into this beautiful aroma. It is through this scent that we can deepen our breaths and calm. The word itself comes from the Ancient Greek words of petros, the stones beneath our feet, and ichor, the magical lifeblood of the Greek Gods. Petrichor, in its very name, blends the grounded and ethereal, the earth and the heavens.
Written by Emma Kress
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After years of exploring a variety of careers in New York City, including education administration and Broadway advertising, I found myself working alongside a wonderfully talented and humble floral designer who gave me the happiest working experience that I ever had and helped me realize that I am a passionate florist.

I started my own floral business because too often we relegate flowers to the categories of gifts, a special treat or even a luxury in comparison to our needs on a daily basis. I believe that flowers should be a part of our lives just like ice cream or that television series you can’t stop watching. Petrichor's primary purpose is to bring unique and high quality flowers, gifts and plants into your life so that you think of them as necessary as the art on our walls, the curtains in our living rooms or the photos of family on our work desks. Ir is my humble opinion that any relationship involving flowers has great potential because nature's most extraordinary gift is bringing us together. I look forward to having a floral relationship with you, call 716-302-4232 today.